The social service agency known as “Boyle Street Service Society” started in 1976. The Boyle Street Service Society (BSSS), was created to provide services to people in need in Edmonton. It is a registered charitable organization under the Income Tax Act (“ITA”), #118814391 RR0001.

As the need for services increased, BSSS thought that some activities could be better operated by a not-for-profit. In 2005 Boyle Street Community Services (BSCS) was created as a non-profit organization under the ITA. It provided various services to the same people as BSSS.

For many years BSSS and BSCS closely cooperated to serve a common population. After much discussion, and considering accounting and legal advice, the Members of each group decided it was best for them, and for the community they helped, to combine their operations. They concluded that being formally together was the best way to deal with many matters.  Everything that each of them did was for the same purpose:  to help people in need.  But the two groups needed to streamline the complexities of service delivery and its administration. There were many funding sources. Each of them had different tax and corporate filing requirements. Staffing needs could be improved. As well, a better way was needed for managing a large and growing number of services. Boards and Members needed better assistance.  And, a clear public presence was needed.

But being legally different, BSSS and BSCS could not technically combine. Instead, after reviewing accounting and legal advice, BSSS and BSCS agreed that BSCS would transfer its assets, liabilities and programs to BSSS, including staff.

By doing so, BSSS is refashioned. Now having the best of BSCS, it can continue to serve those who before had served separately.

The community knows the name “Boyle Street Community Services” best. So that continues to be our ‘trade name.’ However our “legal name” is The Boyle Street Service Society.

This reorganization makes us able to do what both of us have always done but better.