What does it mean to become a Boyle Street Ambassador?

It means you care for our city’s most vulnerable and marginalized individuals and want to do something to make a difference in their lives. As an Ambassador, we will provide you with information and education on the challenges and opportunities that our community faces. We will make it easy for you to influence those in your network to create a better-informed, more compassionate city. We’ll also make it easy for you to share unique and engaging ways people in your network can make a difference by partnering with Boyle Street Community Services.

How can I show my support as an Ambassador?

  1. Get Informed. We will provide you with material and information to make you well informed about the challenges and opportunities faced by our vulnerable and marginalized neighbours.
  2. Spread the Word. Help us connect to thousands of Edmontonians through your network. Use the information and opportunities we give you to partner with Boyle Street Community Services through engaging volunteer activities, campaigns, etc. Mobilizing your network is an incredibly effective way to make real, lasting change in our city.
  3. Advocate for Boyle Street Community Services—and those we serve—in your community. This could be as simple as talking to your friends and family about the work we do, or writing your local elected officials about pressing issues that need to be addressed.
  4. Volunteer. Come hang out with some amazing people and make a difference at our community centre.

Thank you

for supporting us.


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