Emergency and long-term housing solutions

Homelessness ends when everyone has a permanent home. Boyle Street Community Services works with the homeless and those at risk of becoming homeless to find emergency and long-term shelter.

Housing First — This program assists homeless individuals and families to find affordable accommodation. The first priority is to find homeless people shelter, regardless of addiction or mental health issues. Once a suitable home is found, our housing support workers provide ongoing support and assistance to help clients deal with many of the issues they face. Boyle Street houses about 170 people annually. For community members not eligible for the Housing First program, there is Housing Registry.  With the help of our staff in this program, we can provide advice on how to find housing.

Northstar Apartments — Is a 62-unit building owned and operated in partnership with Leston Holdings. It is a mixed-income residential project that houses individuals and families, some of whom were previously homeless. It’s more than just a building — it’s a community that gathers to celebrate, prepare food in the collective kitchen, and discuss issues at their residents’ council.

Please contact us if you would like help with your housing situation.